Technological developments provide the basis for a successful future. With global information exchange, Yazaki uses the combined resources of teams in 46 countries. Using this approach, the brightest ideas and best practices from each region can be applied around the world. This process has made Yazaki a leading technology supplier to our customers globally.

Research and development ensures that we will be able to continue to expand our impressive market position in the future. Our leadership position is maintained by the continuous development of our existing technology base. Adapting to new market conditions or customer requirements are key challenges welcomed by our team.

Custom software solutions and designs based on specific micro processor platforms provide the speed, reliability and flexibility required to support the increasing digital content in vehicle systems. In particular, we are focused on emerging automotive applications, such as streaming video, telematics, entertainment, vehicle safety and driver assistance functions.

Yazaki is ideally positioned to integrate these new vehicle functions alongside the traditional electrical distribution systems.