Summer Internships

In addition to the co-op program, Yazaki also offers paid internships. Although similar to co-op positions in terms of experience, internships at Yazaki only last for the summer semester. Our interns will participate in a cross-department project with their fellow interns to broaden their professional horizons and participate in charity and team-building events throughout the summer. Even after the internship experience ends, we encourage our interns to stay in contact with their mentors at Yazaki for long-lasting working relationships, no matter their career path.


Co-op Program

Yazaki works with local universities to offer paid co-op opportunities throughout the year for college students seeking practical experience while in school. Co-ops alternate periods of part-time work while in school with full-time work during the summer when they’re not in school. Co-ops are a great way for individuals to learn from experienced professionals, develop skills, and make connections in their field of interest. The co-op program allows students to apply their university training and job knowledge to make meaningful contributions. Yazaki often employs many top-performing co-ops upon successfully graduating.


Investing in Future Generations

Knowing that students are the leaders of tomorrow, Yazaki has established many programs designed to give them the training and experience to help them be successful. By providing hands-on learning opportunities that get students into the industry, we are here to help empower and inspire the future of our company, the tech industry, and the growing minds we meet.