Yazaki's timeline of success dates back to 1929 when Sadami Yazaki began selling wiring harnesses for automobiles. After important changes in governmental regulations in 1935, Japanese companies were allowed to start domestic automotive production—with positive effects for Yazaki. In 1939 the business expanded and in 1941 Yazaki Electric Wire Industrial Co. Ltd. was established with about 70 employees.

In 1949 Sadami Yazaki made the important strategic decision to focus on the production of automotive wiring harnesses. This groundbreaking decision resulted in Yazaki's reputation as a global leader today.

The competencies Yazaki developed in the automotive business were used to establish various types of equipment for the city gas industry and the world's first solar-powered absorption cooling system, designed and built in 1974. Since then the company has developed and provided a large number of products that support the supply and utilization of various energy sources, such as electricity transmission cables, gas security systems, air-conditioning equipment and the aforementioned absorption chillers. These products are now integrated under the environment & energy equipment operations, the second largest Yazaki Group organization, emphasizing its continued commitment to an environmentally friendly future.

The following timeline provides an overview of the years of successful, integrated personnel and customer management maintained by tradition and the high standards Yazaki has upheld to the current day.