Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct defines Yazaki North and Central America’s (“YNCA”) general rules on ethical behavior in conducting our day-to-day business internally and with outside parties, and serves as a guide to employee responsibility and empowerment. It is impossible to write a Code that governs every question that can be raised in our business operations. However, together with employees’ awareness of their responsibilities, the Code provides a set of key ethical and behavioral guidelines for all YNCA employees.

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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement is in alignment with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 and pronounces that Yazaki North America, Inc. has taken to mitigate the risk that slavery and human trafficking is taking place in any of its supply chains and its own business.

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Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy

At Yazaki, we believe we have a responsibility to do the right thing—for our customers, our communities, and for the world at large. As a privately-owned company led by a family with a passion for corporate citizenship, we have the freedom to make that responsibility a reality, and it's a big part of what drives actions and decisions throughout our organization.

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