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Ford Honors Yazaki at 23rd Annual World Excellence Awards
October 21, 2021

  • Yazaki has been honored by Ford Motor Company with a Sustainability World Excellence Award
  • Ford’s World Excellence Awards recognize companies that exceed expectations and achieve the highest levels of excellence in quality, cost, performance and delivery
  • Award categories include Treat Customers Like Family, Turn Around Automotive Operations and Compete Like a Challenger, Create Must-Have Products, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, plus Gold and Silver Quality awards

DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 21, 2021 – Yazaki has been recognized as a top-performing global supplier at the 23rd annual Ford World Excellence Awards. Yazaki was announced as a Sustainability Award winner at Ford Motor Company’s virtual event held October 11.

“Yazaki is honored to share a beneficial and collaborative relationship with Ford,” said Tim Mailley, Yazaki vice president, Global Ford Business Unit. “As a company in step with society, we look forward to continuing to sustainably grow and innovate alongside them as the mobility needs of people around the world evolve.”

“Ford Motor Company’s World Excellence Awards recognize our top-performing suppliers around the world for helping bring the Ford+ plan to life,” said Hau Thai-Tang, chief product platform and operations officer. “Suppliers like Yazaki are key to Ford’s continued success as we leverage foundational strengths to build new capabilities and enrich customer experiences.”

Honorees are recognized for achieving the highest levels of global excellence in categories including:

  • Primary brand pillar awards – Treat Customers Like Family, Turn Around Automotive Operations and Compete Like a Challenger, Create Must-Have Products
  • Diversity and inclusion awards for suppliers that excel in integrating diversity into their organization and business process
  • Sustainability awards for suppliers that improve the business environment
  • Gold and Silver Quality awards for supplier manufacturing sites demonstrating superior quality, delivery and cost performance throughout the year


Yazaki Corporation is a global leader in the research, development, and delivery of vehicle power, data, and display for automotive applications. Yazaki produces wire harnesses, power distribution and control products, connectors, driver information displays, hybrid and electric vehicle products, and sensors. Worldwide, the company employs 243,723 people in 45 countries. Yazaki has been committed to the preservation of the environment for more than 80 years. The company continues this commitment today through the development of advanced electric components for hybrid and fully electric vehicles, the promotion of recycling, and the efficient use of resources. For more information about Yazaki and its vision for a greener tomorrow.

Norman Johnson

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