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Yazaki Group's 75th Anniversary

2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the Yazaki Group. Since 1941, Yazaki has expanded beyond the manufacturing of wire harnesses, and grown beyond the borders of Japan, to become a global company with a workforce of more than 280,000 employees worldwide.

As spoken by Shinji Yazaki, President of the Yazaki Group, let us "retain what we should retain and change what we should change." Together, we represent the enduring cachet of the Yazaki Spirit; and together, we will continue inspiring future generations to come

Join us in celebrating the achievements Yazaki has made over these past 75 years, as we begin sharing stories of the milestones that we, as a company, have accomplished together.

Leadership Message


Mr. Shinji Yazaki, President of the Yazaki Group, expresses his gratitude to Yazaki’s stakeholders as the Group celebrates its 75th Anniversary.



Mr. Yasuhiko Yazaki, Chairman of the Yazaki Group, recalls the company's founder, Sadami Yazaki.


Stories of our History