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Environmental Commitment

At Yazaki, we believe we have a responsibility to do the right thing—for our customers, our communities, and for the world at large. As a privately-owned company led by a family with a passion for corporate citizenship, we have the freedom to make that responsibility a reality, and it's a big part of what drives actions and decisions throughout our organization. Doing what's right means acting responsibly in the interest of our customers, reducing cost and increasing efficiencies wherever possible. It means acting responsibly on behalf of the communities we touch, to ensure that our impact is positive and lasting. It means acting responsibly on behalf of the environment, driving the development of cleaner, more efficient and more affordable vehicles. By doing what's right, we're working to support and sustain those who support and sustain us, and that means we're doing what's right for our business as well.

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The Spirit of Mottainai

Mottainai translates to "what a waste” and it has been instilled in us by our leadership at each stage of our development. It is in this spirit that we practice energy saving and recycling techniques not only in our products, but in our internal operations, to reduce waste and environmental impact at every possible opportunity.

Compliance and Certifications

Yazaki Group has divided its global operations into geographic regions and is fostering the acquisition of ISO 14001 certifications in each. At the same time, Yazaki is making efforts for the appropriate management and improvement of its ISO 14001-compliant environmental management systems. In each of its regional divisions, Yazaki has set unique environmental targets in consideration of local laws, cultures and customs, while staying true shared ideas.

Next-Generation Technology

Yazaki pairs our extensive wire harness expertise with the development of high voltage cable and connection systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. As a pioneer in high voltage products, we are setting industry standards with our solutions for plug-in electric vehicles.

High Voltage Technology

Yazaki has and will continue to be a pioneer in the development of high voltage products which enable hybrid and electric vehicles to operate more efficiently, with reduced gas consumption and lower emissions.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Yazaki has initiated research into developing new environmentally friendly plastics, applicable to a variety of automotive components and their related packing materials. These renewable and biodegradable plastics are based on composites made up of polypropylene and kenaf fiber. Their development addresses the need to reduce the carbon imprint on the environment, relieve the pressure on landfills and create new opportunities in "green" materials.

Shinji Yazaki

Shinji Yazaki

"As a supplier, our most significant responsibility is to deliver high quality products on time and at a competitive cost to our customers around the world. While this service is central to our philosophy, we place equal emphasis in our manufacturing processes on environmental preservation." — Shinji Yazaki, President, Yazaki Corporation

Global Presence

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Yazaki has locations in 46 countries all around the world—always close to our customers.

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