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Yazaki Engineers to Mentor Students at NAIAS
January 10, 2014

For the second year in a row Yazaki has invited 30 promising, local engineering students to participate in our one-of-a-kind NAIAS Student Liaison Program on Industry Days during the North American International Auto Show Preview Week.

The Student Liaisons will spend their day paired with Yazaki engineers to learn hands-on about the industry’s newest vehicles while researching and analyzing future automotive technologies. Together, the teams will work to analyze vehicles and gather information on technology developments, technology trends, and market trends that they come across on the NAIAS showroom including high voltage products, wireless technologies, electronics, instrumentation, monitoring and security technologies, and other emerging automotive trends.

Participating students have been chosen through Yazaki’s relationship with local, partnering universities’ engineering programs—partnerships that have been formed to foster and grow students’ interests in automotive.

Last year Yazaki hosted 20 students, including some of their student co-op engineers, for the Student Liaison Program. Last year’s program was a first in the industry gaining high remarks from participants—both students and Yazaki engineers.

“Mentoring students and sharing what the auto industry has to offer with a student is not only beneficial for the students but for the auto industry as well,” says Ryan Flavin, Yazaki Core Engineering Supervisor. “Not all of the students have considered automotive for the future careers so this gives us a chance to promote what the industry has to offer. Also by showing the students the end result of what they are learning it will give them a new perspective on their education and it gives them an incentive to push harder through their studies in hopes of seeing their own designs on display for the world to see.”

You can follow our Student Liaisons and Yazaki team members through their Auto Show journey by following the hashtag #NAIASyazaki on Twitter and Instagram.

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