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The History and Meanings Behind Yazaki's Arrowhead
August 25, 2016

Yazaki Logo Evolution

As we celebrate Yazaki Group's 75th anniversary, we will be sharing photos and stories from the company's historic past. This week's story is about the meaning behind Yazaki's iconic arrowhead logo.

The Yazaki arrow is ubiquitously recognized around the world as a symbol of our consumer dependability, and is representative of the local communities that we are based in. Minimalistic and memorable, the design for the arrowhead was produced by none other than Yazaki's founder himself: Sadami Yazaki.

Sadami refined his designs without the assistance of a single outside design expert. Instead, he chose to use only the ideas that were generated from his employees. After two years of studying how to create an image that would be both innovative and fresh, the Yazaki Group revealed its new corporate logo. In May of 1953, Yazaki's inaugural diamond logo was officially retired, and the crimson arrowhead became the symbol that would lead our company for the next 63 years. 

Reflecting upon the design concept of the time, here are the four interpretations behind the arrow mark's iconic conception:

  1. The crimson color represents passion and unity.
  2. The upper horizontal line represents universal brotherhood. In other words, it expresses clear and simple human relationships free of academic cliques or factions.
  3. The slanting line at the bottom represents the desire to always reach upward to achieve goals in a manner that is both appropriate and realistic.
  4. The three protrusions on the right express the unity of Yazaki's three existing main factories (Tokyo, Shimada, and Washizu) when the emblem was first designed in 1951.

Evoking the image of a crimson arrow flying on a path toward the future, the Yazaki emblem gives a sense of dynamic strength. Even today, the passion that people poured into it continues to shine through. As we continue to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Yazaki, we are reminded that although the faces in our company may change, the Yazaki Spirit lives on.

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